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How It Works

Create What You Love

How It Works

The Concept


At the heart of the Kase Artist boutique kiosk, will be a novel, high-technology self-service digital printer that will enable consumers to create and print their own smartphone or mobile device cover designs, right there, on the spot. In practise, walk-in clients will therefore be able to enjoy a same-day service.

Our boutique kiosk will be manned by knowledgeable staff who received highly specialised training, so even though these self-service printers are super user-friendly, self-explanatory and easy-to-use, customers will still have access to our staff at any time, should they need any form of additional assistance.


Kase Artist enables consumers to quickly and easily design their own personalised cell phone case covers and accessories at their closest boutique kiosk.


Essentially, there is a Kase Artist case design for everyone. Apart from selecting the type of cover, material and colour of their own preference, customers will have a top choice of designs at their fingertips, consisting of the following:

Top global designs

Kase Artist will regularly update the e-Commerce site as well as the self-service printer with some of the top up-to-date designs from across the world, ensuring that the images are relevant and fashionable.

Designs by upcoming local artists

Kase Artist will invite upcoming graphic designers from local educational institutions to submit their designs for consideration to feature as part of our offering, who will be paid royalties for any of their designs that are downloaded by customers. In doing so, we will establish a new platform for these artists to earn an additional income, showcase their work and create awareness.

Designs that support local charities

In an effort to serve a higher purpose and make a positive difference to our world, Kase Artist will invite children’s homes or charities from the communities surrounding the shopping centres that we operate within, to also submit designs. Customers will then have the choice to select a design by one of the charities, who will also be paid a percentage for every one of their designs that are downloaded. In instances where the shopping centres already has charity initiatives, we are willing to support their existing efforts, by working with their preferred charities.

Personal images

Customers can also opt to upload their own images or photos to create their own cases that are 100% personalised.

Take a piece of South Africa

For a tourist visiting South Africa, we have uniquely South African
designs that will be pre-loaded for them to take home, there is no
reason to shop around anymore, as these make great gifts for
loved ones too.

Self Express!

Create What You Love!


  • Modern Design, User Friendly Kiosk


Trained staff on site for assistance
  • Clients use the easy to use designer


  • Instant Customised


  • Final product, packaged and handed over to client


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